6 Cone Dribble Drill (Speed Dribble Drill)

We use a variation of this drill constantly.  However, in the lower divisions we work to make you proficient in one phase at a time.  7th Grade girls and above should be able to complete all six without fail.   

Multi-Purpose Ball Handling Drill

This drill is a Storm favorite.  This drill allows us to work on multiple skills at one session keeping the players engaged.  This drill is an excellent skill builder for the older as well as younger players.  

Stanford Ball Screen Drill

This drill simulates a ball screen with the use of two chairs.  The ball hadling guard will react to the defense chasing over the top or hedging while defense helps or not.  Great drill to reinforce decission making skills.  

Billy Donovan Shooting Drill

Great Drill for working on floor positioning while creating space through  movement.  

1 on 1 Toughness Drill

This drill is an excellent tool to aide our teams in preparing for the aggressive play sometimes found at both the local and elite travel tournament levels.